Our Timeline

1866:  A little Chapel was built at Ambrose and Lake Ave. When the congregation grew they built what is now Lake Avenue Baptist.

1890: When Lake Avenue Baptist was complete the little Chapel was moved brick by brick to Lyell Avenue and Cameron Street. The little Chapel became Lyell Avenue Baptist Church. The Congregation existed for 90 years.

1982:  The congregation dwindled and the Lyell Avenue Baptist Church was decommissioned.

1983: At the same time the American Baptist Churches of Monroe County and the Genesee Valley Presbytery were looking for spaces to establish a community ministry.

1984: Jane Baldwin, a student at Colgate Divinity School, conducted a needs assessment for the Lyell Ave area and concluded that the needs of this aging neighborhood were many and the services were few. She became the part-time coordinator for the ministry.

1985: April 23rd Cameron Community Ministries became legally incorporated. Jane Baldwin became the first Executive Director. With the needs assessment completed CCM began with Youth Programs, the Hot Lunch Program and a Clothing Closet.

1990: Cameron’s first ever Bowl-a-thon was held at Clover Lanes.

1991Sunday Celebration Dinners Begin.

1994Kid’s Café Begins – Foodlink’s pilot program.

1997: The Parsonage becomes the Clothing House.

1998: Cameron’s Golf Tournament fundraiser begins.

2001: Youth summer programming begins.

2005: ‘Larry’s Lift’ was constructed with the help of Larry French, a Cameron guest. Larry encouraged other guests to donate money and grants were also received in order to make the dining room accessible to all.

2009: The Youth programs became licensed through NYS Office of Children & Family Services.

2012: The house next door known for criminal activity was torn down and replaced by the beautiful ‘Christopher’s Place’ Playground. Christopher’s Place gives children in the neighborhood a safe place to play outside.

2013: The first ‘A Taste of Cameron’ fundraising event was held at ArtisanWorks.

2014: Cameron celebrated 30 years!

2019: The Peace Garden was established with the help of Foodlink. Cameron’s Teen Center ribbon cutting was on Sept. 25th and opened at the end of the month.