Join the Cameron Team!

Our Mission 

Working with neighborhood residents and partners to create a vibrant and
thriving community through empowerment and advocacy while meeting basic needs.

Our Vision 

Creating an equitable and empowered community.

Our Values

The Cameron community is:

Trustworthy   Caring   Respectful   Dedicated   Effective

No open positions.

What is it like to work here?

There aren’t enough 'thank you’s' to truly show how grateful I am to be interning at Cameron and getting to interact and engage with such wonderful youth. My experience has already surpassed any ideals I initially had before starting. I have connected and bonded with the youth more than I thought I would and it’s such a satisfying and heart-warming experience to have."
'20 CYD Intern
I absolutely loved working with the staff and the community to come up with ways to improve things at Cameron, and to help better serve the community in Rochester. The staff at Cameron was incredibly welcoming and kind. This internship has taught me patience , and empathy. I have learned now what I want to do with my career and that is working with the Rochester community and working on how to improve it."
'20 Public Health Intern