Peace Garden

Cameron’s Peace Garden began in 2015 when the City of Rochester allowed Cameron to use an empty lot down the street to beautify the street. Members from the community helped to plant and maintain the small garden. In 2018, Cameron was able to purchase three adjoining lots to the main building. On the lots, a brand- new Teen Center was constructed as well as the Community Peace Garden was expanded. Today, sits a large peaceful space that hosts produce, flowers, herbs, trees, a pergola and seating areas. We believe it is a true oasis on Cameron Street.
Gardening Tips with Nathaniel Mich from FoodLink:

Week 1

Herbs, Companion Planting
& Gardening in the Heat!

Week 2

Purpose of the Peace Garden & Composting!

Week 3

Vegetables & Watering!

Partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension

The partnership between Cornell Cooperative Extension of Monroe County and Cameron Community Ministries is one that blossoms every year. In 2019, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Monroe County reached out to Cameron and invited the youth from Cameron’s teen center to participate in the Seeds-to-Supper program. Eager to learn how seeds reach maturation and then use the fruit of their labor to make delicious meals, the teens were more than happy to dig in.


That same year, Blocks-in-Bloom approached Cameron to become part of a neighborhood beautification program with community neighbors. In an collaborate effort, staff and volunteers knocked on the doors of our neighbors and talked with them about preparing, planting, and maintaining their flower beds. For the first year, seven houses came together and enhanced their front yards. Each year, we hope this program becomes a annual with more neighbors coming together to help make Cameron Street the beauty that it is. 

Take Action

Volunteer opportunities are available at the Peace Garden

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