Social Work

Our Social Work Program

Cameron has a full-time social worker on staff to meet with community members. They provides referrals, assists with documentation, transportation, substance abuse, or medical and housing needs. They also partners with other local agencies to bring a variety of resources to the Cameron community.

Annual Social Work Outreach

The Annual Resource Fair is a family-fun event that brings agencies from around Rochester to the Lyell-Otis neighborhood. Families are introduced to new programs, while kids play games and win prizes. The event sees over 100 attendees, and we plan on making it larger each year. We’re proud to have convened this event for neighbors.

Community Baby Shower

The Baby Shower is for expecting women in our area who otherwise might not have a chance to have a shower. The goal is to help the women connect with other women and share stories as well as play shower games and leave with a basket full of baby items. The event partners with other agencies who present their services focused on pregnant women and children ie. Baby Safe Sleep Coalition etc…

Street Outreach Program

CCM began its Street Outreach program in July of 2021 to provide street-based education and outreach to individuals in the Lyell—Otis community who are currently facing structural oppression. Outreach workers provide toiletry items, also known as “goody bags,” information and referrals about Cameron’s services, as well as other community partners, COVID-19 vaccines, crisis intervention, prevention and education activities, and information to trauma-informed treatment and counseling services to persons experiencing or at risk of homelessness (adults, youth, LGBT), sexual exploitation, sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, physical and sexual assault, and alcohol and drug abuse. Follow-up support is also provided.

The Street Outreach program works toward building trusting relationships with families and individuals in unsheltered locations disengaged from the community and social service agencies.  Our goal is to locate space along the Lyell corridor to provide drop-in services and case management to facilitate transition to stability.

Cultural Competency & Health Literacy

Cultural Competency and Health Literacy (CCHL) is an initiative created by Finger Lakes Provider Performance System (FLPPS). Under this, the agency assigns a “champion” and a committee is formed. Edgar heads the committee as the Champion. The committee meets monthly with the goal of bringing cultural awareness to the staff members, board, and guests. Furthermore, with this initiative, the committee works together to brainstorm ideas on making sure our community members and guests have a voice at the table when it comes to the programs and services they want to see at Cameron.

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