Street Outreach Program

Cameron’s street outreach program began in July 2021  because many community members in need of our services are mistrusting and are typically not served by mainstream oriented organizations. Outreach workers seek and connect with community members where they live, at laundromats, hair salons and barber shops, corner stores, neighborhood blocks, including street corners, parks, community events, and other places they may hang out.  It is important to meet with community members where they congregate or reside, develop a relationship with them based on trust and honesty, and gradually work with them to phase in a variety of best practices once a rapport has been established.

Although most community members we meet on street outreach usually hang out within a 1-2 block radius of Cameron, many were not aware of our programs or that we were in the Lyell-Otis community.  This could be the result of the transient population, but weekly street outreach keeps them informed about our programs and services.  Also, engaging members of the community to share information with their peers about Cameron when we are not on the streets, builds camaraderie and trust. 

Street outreach is not a new phenomenon.  It is conducted by most any non-profit, health facilities, and some for-profit agencies because they realize it is imperative to reach the people who lack access their programs in the traditional manner.  Cameron enjoys a partnership with other outreach programs located in each quadrant of the city where we assist each other in our street outreach efforts.

For more information, please contact Olivia Kassoum-Amadou at 585-254-2697 x101,  or olivia@cameronministries.org.

Free Haircuts on-site

Thanks to an amazing volunteer, John Schmidt, community members can now schedule a FREE haircut at Cameron!

Mondays and Tuesdays from 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm
Please make an appointment by calling 585.254.2697 ext. 111