Izabella Kimber

Intern & Volunteer Program Manager

Izzy has always had a drive and commitment to promote equity, social justice, empowerment, and to work with individuals to achieve their best selves which contributes to her ongoing passion for Social work and business and leadership. She will be graduating with her Bachelors in Social Work with a minor in Business and Leadership from Nazareth College in May 2021. She will immediately start working towards completing her Master’s in Social Work and hopes to attain her MSW by May 2022.

During her undergrad at Nazareth, she was a resident assistant for 3 years, so the love for meeting and connecting with people from various and beautiful backgrounds is apparent in her life. She adores the privilege of meeting new people and hearing their stories if they are willing to share.
She loves talking and engaging with people, so she often describes herself as a social butterfly!

When she is not working, she chooses to spend her time laughing with loved ones and eating her mom’s Cuban cuisine.

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